International Shipping To Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a nation made up of 10 islands off the northwest coast of Africa.

Its largest island, Santiago, is home to the current capital, Praia. The islands cover a combined area of slightly over 4,000 square kilometres and have a population of around 540,000 people.

Some of the top imports in to Cape Verde include; Food and Crude Materials.

We work hard to be different from the larger UK Freight Forwarders, in that we give all our customers a greater amount of our time and personal attention, assisting with all their overseas shipping and documentation requirements. Taking some pressure of our clients, leaving them to focus on what they do best, making and selling their products. We offer complete International shipping services to Cape Verde from UK, by Air Freight and Sea Freight to Cape Verde’s main Air and Sea Ports, for UK exporters, Cape Verde trading companies and for private shippers. With the co-operation of local experienced and reliable Cape Verdean Customs Brokers, we can offer a full door to door logistics services UK to Cape Verde.

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EON Logistics staff have over 40 years’ worldwide logistics experience and can offer complete International shipping by Air and Sea freight throughout Cape Verde from UK, serving the main commercial areas, as well as remote parts of Cape Verde. We ship all types of Commercial Cargo, Scientific Equipment and personal effects International removals.

We can offer the following types of international shipping services to Cape Verde main Ports of: Mindelo, Porto Praia, Sal & Sao Vicente.

Sea Freight to Cape Verde from UK

  • FCL – Full Containers Sea Freight UK to Porto Praia & Mindelo, Cape Verde
  • LCL – Less Container Loads Sea Freight to all Cape Verde Ports CFS
  • Ro-Ro – Cars & Construction Equipment by Sea Freight to Cape Verde
  • D.I.Y. International Household Moving from UK to Porto Praia & Mindelo
  • Temperature controlled foodstuff containers by Sea Freight UK to Cape Verde
  • Exhibition Stands & Equipment by Sea Freight to Mindelo & Porto Praia from UK

Air Freight to Cape Verde from UK

  • Direct Priority & Economy Air Freight to Cape Verde from UK
  • Scientific Equipment Air Freight UK to Sao Vicente Cape Verde
  • Temperature controlled Air Freight to all Cape Verde Airports
  • AOG Express parts Airfreight to Sao Vicente & Praia from UK

Specialist Project Shipping & Oversized Sea Freight to Cape Verde

  • OOG & Heavy Cargo shipping by Sea Freight to Cape ports from UK
  • Live Events Logistics by Sea Freight from UK to Mindelo & Praia Port
  • Construction & Mining Equipment by Sea Freight UK to Praia Cape Verde
  • University Science Equipment Exports UK to Mindelo
  • Used Factory Machinery shipping to Cape Verde from UK

Specialist additional services

  • UK Procurement services for Cape Verdean buyers (zero rating UK VAT)
  • Letter of Credit shipping documents and banking services
  • Export Packing services compliant with Cape Verde requirements.
  • ATA Carnets for Temporary exports from UK to Cape Verde.
  • Cargo Insurance for suitably packed new commercial goods
  • Collections from multiple UK suppliers and consolidating together

Project Cargo Specialists Sea Freight UK to Cape Verde

EON Logistics staff just love difficult Project Freight Shipping or OOG Out of Gauge Cargo Shipping to Cape Verde from UK. As International Freight Forwarders we’re a bit like a travel agent, in that instead of knowing all the best passenger airlines, best holiday resorts, hotels or cruise lines for your holidays around Cape Verde, a Project Freight Forwarder will know all the best UK Sea Freight Shipping and Air Cargo carriers, from the large number of freight carriers who claim to who offer Out of Gauge/ OOG Freight Shipping or Heavy Lift/Oversized Cargo services by Sea freight to Cape Verde from UK.

Most Logistics companies in UK have experience of sea freighting normal/easy to handle commercial cargos as FCL/LCL in standard sea shipping containers to Cape Verde. Only a small number of specialist UK Project Freight Forwarders will have the necessary analytical experience of shipping by sea freight to Cape Verde, extra-large cargos that are out of the box. Transporting OOG/Oversized Cargo/Heavy Lift sea freight to Cape Verde from UK requires many years of hands on Project Sea freight shipping experience, identifying carriers who ship to Cape Verde via other countries, as no direct sailings from the UK. EON Logistics have this type of cross-trade shipping experience in abundance.

Whatever you need to sea freight to Cape Verde from UK and based on any delivery deadlines, we will offer you a wide choice of UK to Cape Verde sea freight shipping or air freight service options, for you to choose from; we handle all the UK Road Transport, Port Security, VGM, UK Customs, any country specific documentation advise and all standard shipping documentation needs for shipping your cargo from UK to Cape Verde main ports of Porto Praia & Mindelo.

We can recommend reliable Cape Verdean Customs Brokers, who will be happy to quote your buyers directly for the local Customs clearance, handling and delivery requirements.

UK to Cape Verde Shipping Service information

Below are the current Sea and Air Freight service details from UK to Cape Verde, to suit the buyers’ timelines and cost budgets for shipping to Cape Verde from UK.

  • FCL Container shipping to Praia & Mindelo, weekly sailings ex Felixstowe with transit of approx. 27 days via Oporto or Lisbon.
  • LCL Sea Freight small consignments, weekly from UK via Lisbon or Oporto, with Fortnightly connections to Praia and Mindelo ports, with transit time of approx 30 days.
  • Ro Ro Cars, trucks, wheeled equipment – No specific Ro Ro services to Cape Verde, however Ro Ro wheeled vehicles can be shipped Breakbulk underdeck via Lisbon or Oporto, with transit of approx. 30 days from UK
  • Air Freight UK to Praia, Sao Vicente & Sal Airports. Daily flights via Lisbon with TAP Air Portugal and TACV, seasonal bucket and spade flights to SAL, which carry small amounts of cargo freight.

Requirements & Prohibited Items

  • Cars, trucks, caravans, used agricultural machinery should always be steam cleaned before sea freighting to Cape Verde from UK, to remove all soil residue and pests.
  • Similar to most countries you should check with the Cape Verdean Customs Broker, if the goods being shipped can be imported into Cape Verde. The Customs Broker can confirm before goods are shipped from UK to Cape Verde, if they can be imported without any restrictions. Normal prohibited items will include, but not limited to the following: Cash, Diamonds, Bullion, precious metals, live animals, drugs, firearms and ammunition.
  • ISPM15, timber packing and marking requirements. Most countries around the globe, including the UK, require that any timber packaging used when shipping is heat treated and has the appropriate HT and/or ISPM15 stamps visible on the timber package, to prevent any insects or pests transferring and affecting agriculture or forests in the country of destination.

Export Goods in Transit Cargo Insurance for Cape Verde

  • It is important to arrange Goods in Transit Cargo Insurance cover, in the event of a damage or pilferage incident during a Road Freight, Sea or Air transport to from UK to Cape Verde.
  • Your Cargo is not insured, unless you arrange via your own companies Insurance brokers, or you ask your Freight Forwarder to quote for Goods in Transit Insurance cover and you accept their quote in writing.
  • You should not rely on the carriers to Cape Verde liability insurance cover, under their Air Waybill or Ocean Bills or Lading terms and conditions. This does not equate to goods in transit cargo insurance cover for the value of your goods and may rely on some proof of negligence by the carriers, which is naturally difficult to prove.
  • We recommend that you must suitably export pack your goods to withstand the normal multiple handling, transhipping or stacking it will endure throughout a normal international road transport, sea or air movement from UK to Cape Verde. It can be handled over 10 times shipping UK to Cape Verde.
  • Insurance companies and transport carriers may refuse to accept any claims, if cargo is not suitably export packed.

Customs Import advice

  • It is the overseas buyers’ responsibility to check that they can import the goods they are buying from UK. We recommend that UK exporters check with their Cape Verdean buyers, that they have a local import customs broker, who can advise the buyers on the customs documentation requirements for importing the products you are shipping from the UK to Cape Verde.
  • The buyers Customs Brokers can advise on local Cape Verde import duty and taxes, customs HS tariff classifications, if any prohibited or restricted goods and full documents required from UK shippers. This will avoid any issues of trying to import goods that Cape Verde Customs will not allow to be imported and thus prevent wasted storage or other costs having to ship back to the UK.
  • Depending on the goods the Cape Verdean buyer may require an import license; it is the buyer’s responsibility to check if this is required before importing the goods in to Cape Verde. The buyers’ local Customs Broker should check and advise on this.
  • No pre-inspection is currently required for goods importing by air or sea to Cape Verde from UK. However, please check before importing as local regulations can change.
  • Please note that the above information advice on special requirements for shipping from UK to Cape Verde is current and may change from time to time. We suggest that this is re checked with the Cape Verdean buyers Customs Brokers before shipping, in the event of changes to any Cape Verdean import unique special requirements or new documentation regulations/requirements in place at time of shipping from UK to Cape Verde.

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