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UK Priority Freight Shipping Services to Live Events, Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Expeditions

Welcome again: For those experienced Event Planners, Production, Tour or Project Managers, with lots of knowledge of how and what is required for your Global Priority Freight Shipping of your client’s equipment, internationally from UK, you can choose from our below types of service list and ask for a quote.

For those new to Event Planning or Project Shipping management, who need some guidance or logical clarification, these freight shipping information pages and others in our website will be useful. We understand that management in the entertainment business face very rigorous time constraints to meet your production demands and it is of utmost importance that your freight forwarder works totally to your deadlines. EON Logistics will help build your knowledge and understanding of what is normal Logistics Solutions for Live Events. Our staff have been handling tight deadline, time sensitive Freight Shipping movements, by Air Freight, Express Road Freight and Ocean freight services when times permits, for over 30 years, moving cargo to and from Live Event venues worldwide.

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight Forwarders are a bit like travel agents, in that instead of knowing all the best airlines, beach resorts, hotels and cruise lines for holidays, your Freight Forwarder will know all the best UK Sea Freight carriers, Road Freight & Air Cargo carriers, from the hundreds who offer freight shipping services to and from UK to any destination worldwide. Subject to your cargo shipment volumes and your delivery deadlines, your Freight Forwarders will be best placed to find the best freight shipping options, for you to meet your commitment deadlines. The Freight Forwarder does not own the Ocean vessels or the aircraft, his role is to select the most suitable carriers for his clients freighting needs.

Freight Shipping to Live Events.

EON Logistics can provide all or whatever parts of the below services you may require assistance with:-

  • Door to Door Business Transport Services
  • Stage Crew or Labour, if required for venue loading & unloading around the world
  • International ATA Carnet Services (Your Equipment Passport to travel duty/tax free)
  • Export & Import Customs Clearance formalities in visiting countries
  • Assistance with Inventory Lists of your equipment, to make compliant with customs in all countries you plan to visit.
  • Door to Door Air Freight Shipping, European Road Freight or Ocean Freight Shipping
  • Air Charters for Equipment or for Music Artists and Crew
  • All Risks International Cargo Insurance
  • UK Storage – until next time you need your equipment
  • Tour Trucking Services UK and Worldwide
  • Car, Minibus or Coach Hire recommendations
  • 24/7 round the clock monitoring and support

Fine Art Shipping from UK

Having handled Fine art shipping services for almost 30 years, EON Logistics management truly understands the complex special handling, packing and traceable priority freight shipping requirements for irreplaceable works of art and artefacts. We attend to all the specialized and secure door to door transport, white glove professional packing and unpacking services, express customs clearance arrangements UK and destination, for permanent imports for a collector and for temporary imports for a gallery or museums short exhibition. We work only with reliable works of arts freight and handling professionals at each stage of the freight shipping movement, coordinating the safe handling from door to door.

Customs Requirements ATA Carnets

From your own International Travel Experience, you will understand that Customs Border staff in most countries will check your passports and visa’s to allow you in and out of their country. For Export Freight Shipping of Equipment to be Temporarily Imported into another country outside the EEC, Border Customs are also there to charge duty, taxes and to prevent illegal items being imported.

It is therefore logical that your equipment, being imported for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Live Music and Entertainment Events, University Expeditions or Antarctic Surveys, should normally be liable to Customs duty or taxes in each country visited.

Providing we are arranging the Freight Shipping or your equipments for a special event, you can avoid the need to pay the import customs duty and taxes in each country, through our supplying an ATA Carnet (which is like a Passport and Visa for your equipment) or a T.I.B. Temporary Import Bond in other countries that do not allow ATA Carnets. The ATA Carnet has a Security Bond Guarantee with a Chamber of Commerce of the originating country. This tells Customs in each country visited, that should the Equipments covered by the ATA Carnet not all be re-exported from their country, at the end of your visit, then they can make a claim from the Chamber of Commerce who issued the ATA Carnet, for the amount of Import Duty and Taxes due on your goods not re-exported from that country.

Sea Freight Shipping Services

Should your equipment be free and available, well in advance of when you need it at destination, then Sea Freight Shipping will be the most economical way of freighting to your event. Air Freight shipping costs can sometimes be 3 or 4 times higher than Sea Freight Shipping costs. However, Sea freight services always comes with a warning, should the arrival date of the Sea Freight Service offered, be too close to the deadline you need your equipment, don’t risk it. Realistically in some countries you need the intended arrival date for the vessel at destination port to be 2 weeks before you need your equipment. Once your kit is on a vessel you cannot get hold of it until the vessel arrives and goods Customs Cleared. Some risks by Sea Freight Shipping are; you could miss the first booked vessel and this could delay the freight shipping by a week, the vessel could be delayed with bad weather during the voyage, or Customs Clearance at destination could be delayed if local Customs or Port Security decides to inspect the equipment or your documents. If you have enough time, then ship early via Sea Freight Shipping Services, the costs savings will be significant. However, when time is tight, don’t risk it.

Air Freight Shipping Services for Live Events

When you don’t have the luxury of lots of free time to move your equipments by Ocean Freight Shipping and if delivery is to a destination out side Europe, then the more expensive Air Freight Shipping Service or Air Charter Freight Service may be your only options. As mentioned earlier, as there is a Customs procedure exporting cargo in & out of each country you take your equipment to, your freight forwarder will offer you a choice of economy or express air freight shipping options, with freight cost comparisons. Then taking into consideration your events delivery deadlines and advice from the destination Customs Brokers, on how long the import Customs process should take, will determine the best freight service to use. When the time lag between live events is only a few days, then a dedicated Air Charter Service maybe your only option and will naturally be much more expensive. Unless of course, you have access to a duplicate equipment kit, that can be freighted in advance. Your freight forwarder will be able to work with you to plan the best freight shipping solutions, based on your event dates.

Road Freight Services for Live Events

If you need to move urgent equipment for Exhibitions or Live Events, in UK or around Europe, then your freight forwarder will be able to offer you a choice of Economy or Priority Road Freight Services, to meet your events delivery deadlines. Everything from a small dedicated man and a van, which can get around Europe very quick, or for very large movements, 45’ Air ride Road Freight Trucks with ramps are available. As most European counties are full members of the EEC, there is no need for any customs clearance of your equipment (border customs are still allowed to check for contraband goods and may still wish to examine your cargo). However, a few countries in Europe are not full members of the EEC (Switzerland, Norway, Turkey etc) and your Road Freight Forwarders will need to arrange the appropriate Customs Clearance process for your equipment at the borders of any Non-EEC countries you visit.

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