ATA Carnets

Who Needs An Ata Carnet And Why Are They Needed

From your own international travel experience, you will fully understand that to get into and out of most countries you need a Passport and sometimes Visa’s. These documents are evidencing your country of abode and that the government of your country knows you enough to allow you to have a Passport.

An ATA Carnet is like a passport for your goods and is issued by UK Chambers of Commerce, to allow your goods to be Temporarily Imported into and out of certain Countries, who are party to the Carnet convention. You need to pay for the cost of the Carnet and Insurance Guarantee cover the potential duty and taxes that the Carnet is guaranteeing. However, having a Carnet means that you don’t need to pay many thousands of GBP or USD for Customs Duty/Taxes in the Countries you are travelling to with your equipment.

The use of the Carnet is only for goods which are being Temporarily imported into another country for a specific Event, Trade Show, Film, Exhibitions, Demonstrations, etc. It is not possible to use the Carnet for consumable goods (merchandise, leaflets, give away goods) and duty and taxes need to be paid on this type of cargo.

The following countries accept Carnet imports and re-exports:- -Algeria –Abu Dhabi – Andorra – Australia – Belarus –Bosnia – Canada – Canary Islands – Chile – China – Croatia – Cote D’Ivoire – Dubai – Gibraltar – Hong Kong – Iceland – India – Iran – Israel – Japan – Korea – Lebanon – Macau – Macedonia – Malaysia – Mauritius – Mexico – Moldova – Mongolia – Montenegro – Morocco – New Zealand – Norway – Pakistan – Russia – Senegal – Serbia – Sharjah – South Africa – Sri Lanka – Singapore – Switzerland – Thailand – Taiwan – Tunisia – Turkey – Ukraine – United Arab Emirates – United States of America

We can help you with your Carnet Inventory/General List of goods you are shipping and quote you for the costs, based on the Countries you are travelling to. Please send us details of your requirements.

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