Goods in Transit Insurance

Our quotes do not include cargo insurance cover for the replacement value of your goods and other service costs. You or your buyers should take out cargo insurance cover for the value of your goods and all the service costs from door to door. If you do not already have your own open-cover cargo insurance policy, then we can quote you for insurance cover.

Our freight liability cover under our terms and conditions, nor the liability cover of transport companies, air and sea carriers we use, should not be considered by you or your buyers as cargo insurance cover. it is not. Insurance companies and carriers will not accept any claims for damage to goods that have been insufficiently packed and protected. Claims for damage, loss or pilferage, must be properly handled and documented, otherwise insurers and carriers may repudiate liability.

It’s important to inform your buyers how to handle any claims:-

  • They must notify you same day as receiving your shipment or next working day of any claim for damage, losses or pilferage to packages
  • They must clause the delivery drivers notes of what is missing or damaged
  • They must send you a copy of this delivery note
  • You must send same to your freight agents and your insurers same day or next working day received

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