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EON Logistics staff have over 30 years experience of offering International Freight Forwarding services ex the UK for Commercial and Personal Cargo movements.

We are a bit like a travel agent, in that instead of knowing all the best airlines, hotels and cruise lines for holidays, we know all the hundreds of Sea Freight and Air freight carriers serving all the popular and not so well known international destinations ex UK.

Offering you a choice of services and rates to suit your budget and delivery deadlines, handling all the UK Freight documentation and advising you of any special documentation needs for the country you are shipping to.

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India Buyers Consolidation from Multiple UK Suppliers

If you are buying from multiple UK suppliers, are you minimising your shipping and customs costs by cargo consolidation all of your UK suppliers’ orders into one larger shipment by sea or air freight from UK to India. EON Logistics order consolidation services can help Indian buyers to considerably reduce your total shipping and door to door costs. At the end of the day it is you, the buyer and the Indian importer, who is responsible to pay for all the door to door costs from UK to India.

You may already be consolidating all your UK Shipments to India, however, if you are not, depending on the number of UK supplier orders you ship from UK, you could be paying 2 or 3 times more than you should be paying, if you were to look at better managing and consolidating your UK shipments into a larger Sea or Air Freight shipment to India.

For example, shipping a single order from a UK supplier to India, you will pay all the following charges: UK Transport from suppliers warehouse, UK Terminal Handling, Bills of Lading or Air waybill Fee, Customs Entry, VGM/Solas, Forwarders Agency or Admin Service Fee, Port Security Fee, Sea or Air Freight, Fuel surcharge, destination Import terminals, deconsolidation charges, import release documents, Customs Clearance, duty/taxes, delivery to your door India and possibly a few more local type administration charges.

Cargo Consolidation UK to India will afford you significant savings in both money and your personal management time:-

  • Save your management time contacting your UK suppliers for status on availability of your orders, EON Logistics will do this work, order tracking and status reporting, calling forward orders to our consolidation warehouse, to pack and ship together as one larger shipment.
  • Check orders are correct and suitably export packed for shipping to India.
  • Improve or re-pack orders if required, after receiving your authority to do so.
  • As many of the Door to Door costs are administration or lump sum fees, you save by paying less of each of these charges, instead of all of them for each individual order. You also pay proportionately less Sea or Air freight charges, as larger consolidated orders freight costs reduce per kilo or per cbm, the bigger the total consolidated shipment becomes.
  • You pay for one set of Indian Import Customs Clearance fees, handling and delivery charge, instead of multiple, if you allow each UK supplier to ship their orders individually.
  • If required EON Logistics Trading and Procurement department can pay your suppliers on your behalf, reducing the number of bank transfers you need to make to multiple UK suppliers and ensuring that you do not need to pay the 20% UK VAT, or the need for you to reclaim the VAT, if suppliers insist they charge you the VAT with the order.

Contact us if you are buying from UK suppliers and allow us to help improve your shipping experience and reduce your overall costs.

We do however always recommend that you or your overseas receivers check the local import documentation requirements into India and can offer the below website for you to contact for fuller information on importing your goods.

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