Sea Freight to Australia from UK service details

Most sea freight services to Australia from UK, tranship in the Far East  ports of Singapore or Port Kelang.

Below is a guide on sea freight transit times to Australia main ports

  • Sea Freight to Sydney from UK   – Weekly sailings with approx. 48 days transit via Port Kelang.
  • Sea Freight to Brisbane from UK– Weekly sailings with approx. 48 days transit via a Far East transhipment port.
  • Sea Freight to Melbourne from UK – Weekly sailings with approx. 48 days transit via a Far East transhipment port.
  • Sea Freight to Fremantle from UK – Weekly sailings with approx. 44 days transit via Singapore.

Air Freight to Australia from UK Service details

  • All Flights to Australia currently connect via Middle East and Far East, with transit of 3 to 4 days to Melbourne, Sydney&BrisbaneAirports. There are currently no direct flights ex UK to Australia.

Australia Biosecurity & prohibited items

  • Australia has strict bio-security requirements, to prevent the risk of diseases, unwanted insects and pests entering Australia land and forestry environment.
  • Exporters shipping to Australia mustissue a declaration that any timber products used in the packing of their goods, or used as dunnage to secure cargo loaded into sea containers, must meet the ISPM15 standards. Heat Treated or Forestry commission stamps.
  • Cars, trucks, caravans, used agricultural machinery should always be steam cleaned before sea freighting to Australia from UK, to remove all soil residue and pests.
  • Similar to most countries you should check with the Australia Customs Broker, if the goods being shipped can be imported into Australia. The Customs Broker can confirm before goods are shipped from UK to Australia, if they can be imported without any restrictions. Normal prohibited items include: Cash, Diamonds, Bullion, precious metals, live animals, drugs, firearms and ammunition.

Export Cargo Insurance

  • It is important to arrange goods in transit cargo insurance cover, in the event of damage or pilferage during the air and sea freighting to Australia from UK.
  • Your cargo is not insured unless you ask your freight agents to quote for Goods in Transit Cargo Insurance cover and you accept the insurance quote.
  • You must suitably pack your goods to withstand the normal handling it will endure throughout an air or sea freight to Australia from UK.
  • Insurance companies and shipping carriers may refuse to accept any claims, if cargo is not suitably export packed.

Australia Customs Import advice

  • We recommend that you check with your Australia buyers, that they have a local import customs broker, who can advise the buyers on the customs documentation requirements for importing the products being shipped to Australia from UK.
  • The Customs Brokers can advise Australia import duty and taxes, customs HS classifications, if any prohibited or restricted goods and full documents required from the UK shippers.
  • This will avoid any issues of trying to import goods that Australia Customs will not allow to be imported and thus prevent wasted port storage or other possible shipping costs, having to ship back to the UK.

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