Sea Freight to USA from UK service details

Due to the high volumes of UK exports to USA buyers, there are multiple sailings each week from different UK Ports to different USA main ports and cities. Smaller towns across USA can be served door to door, if shipment is a FCL (full container load), however, when shipping smaller LCL shipments by sea freight from UK to USA smaller towns, these will normally ship via the nearest major ports customs CFS and then be on carried to door, once USA Customs Clearance has been completed.

Below is a guide on sea freight transit times to USA main ports

  • FCL Sea Freight to New York from UK   – Multiple weekly sailings with approx. 8 – 10days transit, port to port. LCL seafreight to New York from UK, is weekly, normally sailing at the weekend, with transit of approx. 8 -10 days, UK port to New York port.
  • FCL Sea Freight to Chicago from UK – Multiple weekly sailings with approx. 18 days transit time. LCL Seafreight from UK to Chicago CFS is also weekly with 18days transit
  • FCL Sea Freight to Los Angeles from UK – Weekly sailings with approx. 26 days transit time. LCL Sea Freight to Los Angeles from UK is weekly with approx. 26days transit.
  • FCL Sea Freight to Houston from UK – Weekly sailings with approx. 19 days transit time. LCL Seafreight to Houston from UK is weekly with approx. 19days transit.
  • FCL Sea Freight to Miami from UK – Weekly sailings with transit of approx. 16 days and LCL Sea Freight from UK to Miami is weekly with approx. 16 days transit.
  • FCL Sea Freight to Seattle from UK – Weekly sailings with transit of approx. 31 days and LCL Sea Freight from UK to Seattle is fortnightly, with transit of approx. 31 days.
  • We can offer sea freight services to all USA ports and inland cities and towns.

Air Freight to the USA from UK Service details

  • Direct flights with BA and United Airlines to New York, LAX &San Francisco.
  • Multiple daily cargo flights from UK to USA main cities with competitive air freight rates, due to the high level of competition.

USA Biosecurity & Prohibited items

  • USA has strict bio-security requirements, to prevent the risk of diseases, unwanted insects and pests entering US land and forestry environment.
  • UK Exporters shipping to USA mustissue a declaration that any timber products used in the packing of their goods, or used as dunnage to secure cargo loaded into sea containers, must meet the ISPM15 standards. Heat Treated or Forestry commission stamps to be visible or all timber used .
  • All vehicles, construction plant and used mining machinery, should always be steam cleaned before sea freighting to the USA from UK, to remove all soil residue and pests.
  • Similar to most countries you should check with the US Customs Broker, if the goods being shipped can be imported into USA. The Customs Broker can confirm before goods are shipped from UK, if they can be imported without any restrictions. Normal prohibited items include: Cash, Diamonds, Bullion, precious metals, live animals, drugs, firearms and ammunition.

Export Cargo Insurance

  • It is important to arrange cargo insurance cover, in the event of damage or pilferage during the air and sea freighting to the USA from UK.
  • Your Cargo is not insured unless you ask your freight agents to quote for Cargo Insurance cover; you accept the insurance quotation and request insurance cover.
  • You must suitably pack your goods to withstand the normal handling it will endure throughout an air or sea freight to the USA from UK.
  • Insurance companies, transport companies, airlines and shipping carriers may refuse to accept any claims, if cargo is not suitably export packed.

USA Customs Import advice

  • We recommend that you check with your US buyers, that they have a local USA import customs broker, who can advise the buyers on the customs documentation requirements for importing the products you are shipping from the UK to USA.
  •  From 2009, USA Customs security implemented an import security filing system under the name ISF 10+2, requiring the USA importer to supply to their custom broker all relevant import cargo details, suppliers details, freight handling information and vessel details. This is requiredin advance of loading and shipping by sea freight from UK to USA and the USA Customs broker arranges the ISF filing, charging the USA importer a fee for this ISF filing service. Failure to arrange for the ISF filing in advance of shipping can result in the USA importer receiving a fine of upto $10,000, should cargo arrive in USA that has not been ISF filed.
  • The USA Customs Brokers can advise on all local import duty and taxes, customs commodity classifications, if any prohibited or restricted goods and full documents required from UK shippers.
  • This will avoid any issues of trying to import goods that US Customs will not allow to be imported into USA and thus prevent wasted penalty fines, storage or other costs to destroy goods, or to ship goods back to the UK from USA.
  • If the USA buyers does not have a regular Customs Broker, EON Logistics can recommend a reliably experienced US Custom broker to assist with this work.

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