International Shipping

A great deal of hidden work goes into arranging the International Shipping of Commercial Goods sold and Personal Effects shipped around the World every day.

This is where the services of your experienced Freight Forwarder assist the seller and overseas buyer safely complete the transfer of ownership of the goods being sold.

A genuine buyer finds the products he wants from a genuine overseas supplier and agrees to the pro forma cargo costs. Now the buyer needs to work out the International Shipping costs and transit to ship the goods to his Country.

This is not the only international shipping areas the buyer needs to consider. The overseas buyer needs information before he can import into their country.

  • If the buyer is allowed to import these goods into their country, what paperwork does their local Import Customs Agents required from the overseas seller, to import the products they is buying.
  • What will the local destination Import Customs Duty, Taxes, handling, Security, and delivery cost.
  • Are the goods suitably export packed for the type of International Shipping utilized. Is this packing part of the pro forma cost of the equipment, or will the seller charge more to Export Pack the goods?
  • Has the seller quoted the buyer for the international shipping Cargo Insurance cover, or does the buyer need to arrange Insurance with an insurance broker in his country.
  • What deadline does the buyer consider, for when he needs the goods ordered to arrive in his country? This will determine if he needs to ship by Air Freight or Sea Freight.

At this stage, the buyers should confirm with their local customs freight agents, how long they will take to complete the import customs clearance.

The buyer may then ask their local import Freight Forwarders to quote them for the International Shipping freight costs, or they may ask the exporters/sellers to obtain shipping costs from their preferred UK Freight Forwarder. Once the buyer has all the costs for the product they wish to buy, the export packing cost, the cargo insurance costs, the International Shipping costs, the destination import customs and handling costs, they then have the complete door to door costs of buying these goods. They then need to agree on the method of international payment with the UK exporter/seller.

To sum it up an exporter needs a Freight Forwarder to act as a Shipping Agent so as to comply with export documentation and shipping requirements. The forwarder advises on the best way to move goods to the export destination. The exporter needs the forwarder’s experience in regulation, documentation requirements, transportation, and banking services.

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