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UK Cargo Shipping to Jordan by Ocean Freight and Air Cargo services, with best freight rates to Jordan for the specialist freighting of difficult to ship Out of Gauge freight.

EON Logistics staff have over 25 years experience offering International Freight Shipping to Jordan from UK. We ship Commercial Cargo, Construction Equipment shipping, OOG Project Cargo freight shipping, Fine Art Shipping, Personal Household freight movements and Classic Car shipping to Jordan.

Specialist Project Freight Forwarding to Jordan

EON Logistics staff love Project Freight Shipping or Out of Gauge Cargo Shipping. An International Freight Forwarder is a bit like a travel agent, in that instead of knowing all the best passenger airlines, best beach resorts, hotels or cruise lines for your holidays, your Project Freight Forwarder will know all the best UK Sea Freight Shipping and Air Cargo Carriers, from the large number who market Out of Gauge/ OOG Freight Shipping or Heavy Lift/Oversized Cargo Freighting services from UK to Jordan. Depending on your cargo shipment volumes and your deadlines for arrival in Jordan, your Project Freight Forwarders will be best placed to identify the most suitable freight shipping rate options, to meet your logistics delivery deadlines. A Project Freight Forwarder does not own the specialised Heavy Lift Cargo Ocean vessels, or the Heavy Cargo Aircraft shipping to Jordan from UK, his role is as an agent, to select the most suitable and cost effective OOG cargo freight carriers for his client’s Oversized Cargo freighting needs. Most International Freight Forwarders have experience of shipping normal/easy commercial cargos in standard ocean shipping containers. We can do that as well! However, only a small number of specialist Project Freight Agents will have the necessary experience of shipping cargo to Jordan that is out of the box. Transporting OOG/Oversized Cargo/Heavy Lift Freight requires many years of analytical planning, hands on Project Freight shipping experience, which we have in abundance.

We can supply the following types of Freight Shipping Services to Amman or Aqaba in Jordan.

  • Sea Freight Shipping UK to Aqaba Port, Jordan
  • FCL –Full Container Loads UK to Aqaba Port, Jordan
  • LCL – Less Container Loads UK to Aqaba Port, Jordan
  • Airfreight Services UK to Amman Airport via Priority or Economy flights
  • International Car Shipping UK to Jordan
  • Fine Art Shipping UK to Jordan
  • Project Freight Shipping from UK to Jordan
  • Freight for Live Events in Amman, Jordan
  • Household Effects Shipping UK to Jordan
  • Construction Equipment Shipping UK to Jordan
  • Consolidation orders from multiple UK Suppliers to Jordanian traders
  • UK Procurement services for Jordanian Importers
  • Certificates of Origin legalisation or attestation for Jordan

Based on your delivery deadlines, we offer you a choice of freight shipping cost options; we handle all the UK Road Transport, Port Security, UK Export Customs, standard shipping documentation and advice about the normal special documentation needs for shipping cargo to Jordan from the UK.

Shipping Commercial Cargo to Jordan from UK normally requires certain special shipping documentation, to enable the Jordan import customs clearance to be completed. Namely: Arab Certificates of Origin or EEC Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices or other original documents attestation, certifying or legalisation. However, when shipping to Jordan from UK these documents can be costly extras, which the buyers and sellers may not have budgeted for. We strongly recommend that the UK shippers should always ask the Jordanian buyers to check with their own local Import Customs Brokers, to confirm the correct documentation they need for the destination customs clearance. Then based on the buyers reply, shippers should quote buyers for the costs of the extra Jordanian customs documentation requested. It is worthwhile remembering that EEC Certificates of Origin are quicker to issue and cost considerably less that Arab Certificates of Origin legalisation or attestation costs for Jordan.

If the Jordanian buyers do not have an Import Customs Broker, then EON Logistics local Freight Agents in Jordan can assist and quote costs directly to the buyers for all the normal import requirements.

Alternatively we can recommend that you or your Jordanian buyers self check the current import customs documentation requirements into Jordan and can offer the below embassy website link, to contact for fuller information about freight shipping your products to Jordan.

Ammam, Aqaba


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