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International Shipping To Turkey

Turkey is a country in Eastern Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight different countries including Greece and Bulgaria. Turkey has an estimated population of around 80 million.

The UK is Turkey’s 3rd largest export market after Germany and Iraq by 2015. Some of the UK’s main exports to Turkey include plastics and machinery.

Specialist Road Freight & Shipping Services to Turkey from UK. We offer reliable and competitive Road Freight to Turkey, together with Sea and Air Freight Services to Istanbul Turkey, for both commercial manufacturers and private shippers/traders.

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With staff with over 40 years experience of offering International Freight Shipping services from UK to all of Turkey’s main cities, towns, customs terminals and air ports. We ship Commercial Cargo, Oilwell Equipment, OOG Project Cargo, International DIY Removals to Turkey, Agricultural and Mining Equipment transport, Exhibition Express Road Freight and Music/Stage equipment for live events.

We supply all the following types of international Freight Shipping services to Turkey’s main cities of: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Mersin and Famagusta.

  • FCL – Full Container Shipping to Istanbul/Mersin, Turkey
  • Road Freight Transport costs to Turkey from UK
  • Groupage/Pallets Road Freight UK to Istanbul, Turkey
  • Full Load Road Transport to Turkey from UK
  • Express Transport UK to Turkey for urgent deliveries
  • Airfreight UK to Istanbul/Ankara, Priority or Economy services
  • OOG/Oversized Cargo Road Transport UK to Turkey
  • Freight Logistics Transport for Live Events in Istanbul
  • DIY International Removals to Turkey from UK
  • Agricultural & Mining Equipment Shipping to Turkey
  • UK Procurement/Trading services for Turkish buyers
  • Exhibition Express Road Transport UK to Istanbul Trade Shows
  • UK Used Factory Machinery Transport to Turkey
  • UK Export Packing Services, order collections & consolidation

UK to Turkey Service information

Below we can offer a range of UK transport services to Turkey, by Sea, Air and Road Freight, to suit the buyers’ timelines and cost budgets for shipping to Turkey from UK.

  • FCL Container shipping to Istanbul & Mersin, Turkey, with multiple weekly sailings ex Felixstowe and Southampton. With transits of approx. 18 days to Istanbul and 24 days to Mersin (which serves Famagusta Port in Turkish Northern Cyprus.
  • Daily Full Load Road Transport UK to Turkey, subject to delivery destinations and Turkish customs, the transit ranges from 8 to 12 days.
  • Pallet Transport to Turkey, small LTL groupage consignments. Twice weekly departures, normally each Tuesday and Friday, with transit of approx. 9 to 14 days to arrival local importers Customs Clearance warehouses.
  • Express Road Transport to Istanbul, Turkey. Small priority cargos, max 1200kgs per small express curtain or box van. Transit of approx 4 to 6 days (subject to customs at border points).
  • Air Freight to Istanbul/Ankara from UK. Multiple daily direct flights and several transhipping service options.

European Express Road Transport from UK to Turkey
If time is of the essence, we can make special arrangements for delivery within particular time limits throughout Turkey, often collecting within a few hours of booking and delivering as quickly as possible. Using the most appropriate of our selection of vehicles detailed below, we provide a responsive and secure European Express Road Transport Service that will live up to the most demanding requirements.

We have access to various different vehicles

  • Dedicated Small European Express Vans (Max 1200kgs)
  • Larger Euro-Box Vans up to 9500kgs
  • Flat Bed Trailers (Max 26000kgs)
  • Standard 13.6m Curtain Siders and Euroliners
  • Road Trains and Mega Trailers
  • Low Loaders and Semi Low Loaders
  • 20ft & 40ft GP and 45ft HC Pallet Wide Containers
  • Temperature Controlled Small Box Vans & Box Trailers

Turkey Customs Import advice

It is the responsibility of the buyers in any country, to confirm with the customs in their own country that they are allowed to import the goods they are buying from UK suppliers. Turkish companies buying from UK will normally have a local Customs Broker, who will assist them check with their local Customs authorities: What the local HS Customs Commodity Codes are appropriate for the goods being imported from UK, the Customs Duty and Taxes rates to be paid and any special documents Turkish customs will require. Normally the Turkish importers customs broker will inform the UK shipper to arrange for the cargo to be delivered to for Customs clearance at a local Turkish Customs warehouse, near to their importers address. EON Logistics only transport goods to arrival Turkish customs warehouse uncleared, at the transporters depot, or Turkish air or sea port.. The importers Turkish Customs Broker then takes over, arranging and paying for all local handling costs, customs duty/taxes and delivery to the importers door. However, EON Logistics are happy to recommend reliable local Turkish Customs Broker to the buyers, if they do not already work with one. Customs clearance in Turkey normally takes 1 to 3 days, providing all the correct documents are with the buyers before cargo arrives.

Export Goods in Transit Cargo Insurance for Turkey

  • It is important to arrange goods in transit cargo insurance cover, for the rare event of a damage or pilferage incident during a road, sea or air transport to Turkey from UK.
  • Your Cargo is not insured, unless you arrange via your own companies Insurance Brokers, or you ask your Freight Forwarder to quote for Goods in Transit Insurance cover and you accept their quote.
  • You should not rely on the transporters to Turkey liability insurance cover, under CMR, Air or Ocean terms and conditions. This does not equate to the value of your goods and may rely on some proof of negligence by the transport or shipping company, which is naturally very difficult to prove.
  • We recommend that you must suitably export pack your goods to withstand the normal multiple handling, transhipping or stacking it will endure throughout a normal international transport movement to Turkey from UK.
  • Insurance companies and transport carriers may refuse to accept any claims, if cargo is not suitably export packed.

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight Forwarders are a bit like travel agents, in that instead of knowing all the best passenger airlines serving Istanbul, Turkeys best beach resorts, hotels or cruise lines for your holidays, a good Freight Forwarder will know the most reliable UK to Turkey Road Transport operators, Container Freight Services and Air Cargo Carriers, from the large number who claim to offer international logistics services from UK to Turkey.

Your Freight Forwarder does not normally own the Sea vessels, the Road Transport trucks, or the Cargo Aircraft serving Turkey from UK, his role is purely as an agent, to select the most suitable and cost effective cargo freight services from UK to Turkey for his client’s international freighting needs and any timelines.
Most Logistics Companies in UK offering transport services to Turkey, have experience of shipping normal/easy to handle commercial cargos, via Road Transport or as FCL (Full container loads) in standard shipping containers. Only a small number of specialist UK Project Freight Forwarders will have the right analytical experience of transporting freight to Turkey that is oversized or very heavy cargo that is out of the box. Transporting OOG or Oversized Cargo/Heavy Lift Freight to Turkey requires many years of hands on Project Freight shipping experience, which we have in abundance.

Whatever you need to transport to Turkey from UK and based on your delivery deadlines, we will identify and offer you a wide choice of road transport, container shipping or air freight cost and service options UK to Turkey; We look after all the UK Road Transport, Sea or Air bookings, VGM, Port Security, UK Customs and the standard shipping documentation needs, required for shipping your cargo to Turkey from UK.

Should the Turkish buyers not have a local customs broker, to assist them with the Turkish import customs clearance requirements, EON Logistics will be pleased to recommend a reliable Turkish Customs broker, who can assist the Turkish buyers with the local import Customs Clearing Documentary requirements and delivery to the importers factory/door.

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