Personal Effects Shipping

Shipping Personal Effects from UK is generally less expensive in Freight costs than replacing everything in your new country.

However, you will need to trust and fully understand what type of Personal Effects Shipping services you truly require, what you are paying for, be aware of all destination costs and documentary requirements importing through Customs overseas.


EON Logistics staff have over 30 years experience of safely handling Door to Door, or Door to Port movements of Household and Personal Effects from the UK, for many happy clients. We understand how precious your Personal Effects are to you and your family and using only reliable Sea Freight services and Air Cargo carriers, experienced and willing to handle Personal Effects Shipments, we can help you reduce your moving costs and keep you fully informed of the total  moving process importing into your new destination country.

Subject to your budget, the two main ways of moving your Personal and Household Effects are:

  • A total white gloves solution for packing, wrapping, containerising, shipping to destination door. Typically undertaken by International Removal companies who have to supply labour at both ends and during transit. International removals are extremely expensive.
  • Do It Yourself solution. When you break down the overall door to door service. You and freinds, hired labour pack and protect your personal effects, load to collection truck or container, then employ a Freight Logistics company to arrange shipping/transit to you destination port or door.

EON Logistics Important Information gives you lots of relevant Personal Effects Shipping Guide, to prepare you: on suitable packing, inventory lists, marking/addressing packages, what you should not ship, cargo insurance cover, customs requirements UK/destination and  much more about freighting your personal effects overseas, to help you decide how best to arrange your move.

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